Heavy Duty Trucks for Sale in Australia

While the Japanese trucks manufacturers dominate the medium duty range market with up to 92% of the market, the heavy duty range is dominated by the European truck manufacturers. The Japanese manufacturers command barely 18% of the heavy duty range class of trucks. One Japanese truck company that has been quite the game-change in the heavy duty class is the UD Trucks with its Quon range of new heavy duty trucks for sale.

new heavy duty trucks for sale

These new heavy duty truck sales have several admirable characteristics which makes them highly appealing to many trucking companies that would love to embrace the innovative and low cost of the Japanese truck models. Here are some of the top features of the Quon range of the Japanese heavy duty trucks for sale.

The Truck Cabins

The truck cabins of the new heavy duty trucks for sale combine a contemporary design along with great functionality. This kind of design improves both the driver comfort as well as the truck safety features. The truck is also built with very good storage, legroom, headroom and carpet. The overall cabin design is roomier and more comfortable and truly built for the truck operator.

In the standard Quon models, you can find the SRS Drivers Airbag along with the A-pillar grab handles. For the drivers, this provides a pleasant environment from which one can work from.  There are great features in the cabin of the vehicle such as a 24V power supply as well as a centre console. The truck cabin is fitted with the triple-arm intermittent wipers, the sleeper bunks, cooled storage boxes, air conditioning system that is climate-controlled, cruise control in the flagship models and mirrors which are electronically-controlled. The picture of the perfect and comfortable cabin is completed by the power windows in the trucks.

This design on the heavy duty Quon GW cabins will offer the ultimate in both safety and comfort for the truck drivers. Drivers working with these trucks will have an easier time in the day-to-day operation of the new Japanese heavy duty truck sales. While in the cabin, drivers can get a wider field of view of their surroundings which offers a great sense of safety and security. Such design allows the driver to focus on the road while also reducing fatigue when the drivers are undertaking the long distance journeys.

The Truck Engine

The Quon trucks are powered by the GH13 engines which are highly fuel-efficient.  The engines are available in the range of 270kW to 360kW and these variations will suit every unique application and requirements of individual truck operators. The GH13 engines deliver both high power and high torque. The flat torque curve of the truck at its peak output will reduce the amount of shifting which is required during the transmission. With the Extra Engine Brake feature, it is possible for you to automatically shift down through the gears in order to ensure a more effective braking mechanism. The advantage from this feature will become more apparent when one is driving through downhill highways on the long-haul freights.

The incredible GH13 engines in the new heavy duty trucks for sale will deliver a very smooth driving experience in all kinds of situations. Whether you are working on the intercity roads, hill roads or the long haul rough roads, you will have a very smooth driving experience.

The Transmission

The quality of the transmission is one of the winning features of the new Quon range of trucks. Buyers have the choice of either the A0261D automated manual transmission or the manual VO514B 14-speed transmission.

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